• What exactly is life in an instance of 'beginning to end'? Is it something that you only get once? Is it just a makeshift up to the expectation of where we think we will belong? Or is it just flat out pointless? Coming to a sudden halt in time, you ask yourself this in time. Is it really worth going through suffering? Is it really necessary that you live under terms that must be followed, if in the end, you suffer death? Sometimes in reality, we go through themes of life of which we call 'depression'. It is common when loss of something beloved, or something needed. Most of us (unfortunately including myself) face this darkened thing. We don't know what the hell we are supposed to think. Should we end it right there? Should we continue in hopes that there will be an end to the darkness surrounding us? Or should we expect nothing, and sit in the corner weeping? Many examples we face are: Economical devastation, War, ect.
    Life itself is just a timed bomb, or something along the lines of a fizzed up coke when opening up, exploding. Life will at soon a point in life 'explode' Nuclear warfare for example, will wipe us as a race out. And who's own fault is that? God's? No. The Earth's? No. It will only be OUR fault. The fault caused by depression. We as a united race of humans just cause crap that only separates us more. So basically the point here is, we our causing things that we llke to blame on other stuff.
    Religion: Should we even have it? The only thing we have gotten out of it is War. So much war! The godforsaken Muslims despise of America for religion. Us (America) Face attacks from Iraq because of religion, and cause US to attack them. The ending result, if any, it total world death. Death by Nuclear warfare and/or the end of time as we know it. People will go to 1) Hell 2) Heaven determining the beliefs of themselves.

    All in all: Life is crap. Life is like a blackhole. It takes stuff in, and then destroys it. Nonetheless, what is the point in life, if you only die in the end?

    ~Jordan Weigle

    P.S: This text was not meant to bash my own religion, just my point of views.