• They say never to give your Heart to a Man with Shining Eyes,
    Because you’ll Never know how Far he’ll Go to Cover up his Lies.
    He’ll kiss you on the Lips, only to Stab you with a Knife….

    He’ll paint Bloody Crosses on hearts long since grown Cold,
    And he’ll whisper Silent Secrets without Being Told.
    And he’ll Bind your Soul to Lustful Dreams that only cause you Strife….

    Then that man will taunt you with Demons, Figures of the Past,
    And you’ll beg for him to Stop, but on and on it Lasts….
    He’ll dress you in Blackened Roses, press Chills to your Lips as you Scream….

    Then he’ll Paint the Room Crimson, just like in your Dreams,
    And he’ll whisper that he Loves You, and he’ll beg you not to Go,
    And you’ll gaze in to those Cold Eyes, unable to say No….

    He’ll keep you trapped in a Box of Misery, sticking thorns in to your Side,
    He’ll keep his little Puppet on Short little Strings, to prevent it from ever Living….
    But he’ll keep it from wanting to Die.

    And that Man will feed you the Sweetest Sin,
    He’ll break your Heart, then take you again….
    And when it’s Time to move on, he’ll dress you in Bleeding White, and tell you not to Cry….

    And you’ll hear the Shadows Whisper, feel the tainted touch they bring,
    And then you’ll Feel Poisoned Warmth as you're pulled in to an everlasting Dream.
    And the last thing you’ll See is your Blackened Heart stop Beating….