• Walk with a shadow,
    But don’t become one,
    Don’t let it control your life,
    Don’t live in fear, but in possibility.

    Exist in reality,
    But still have a dark side,
    That everyone knows they have,
    But refuse to let it out.

    So now I scream at you,
    Let it out, let it out,
    Don’t bottle it up,
    Tell me how you feel.

    Don’t be scared,
    I’ll be there,
    Just don’t expect me,
    To make it all better.

    I can listen and talk,
    But I can’t mend you,
    Because that is your job,
    I’m only here for reassurance,

    I’ll be that shoulder to cry on,
    Even when I know,
    You’ll never return the favour,
    Shh, I’m here for now.

    Cry and yell,
    Scream and hit,
    Just remember that,
    I’m not the cause of this.

    I’m just a spectator,
    Expected to do more than I can,
    I’m just here by chance,
    Don’t drag me in.

    I’ll go in kicking and screaming,
    I’ll threaten your life,
    Don’t drag me in,
    I’ve already fallen.