• Tear stained flower
    you cry alone tonight.
    Once again your pain overflows
    It runs down your cheeks
    drowning your dreams
    You cry in silence
    while your soul screams.

    You hope that one day
    someone will hear it
    and take you away.
    That they will understand
    and accept you for all that you are
    but all that you are is not all you could be.

    You know this yet,
    the burden of unrealized potential
    is a heavy one to bear
    it makes you indifferent
    why should you care?
    why should you try
    to please those around you
    the you that they know
    is just a facade
    hollow and empty
    there's nothing inside.
    Each day that you live,
    you live a lie.
    Each night when you cry,
    you cry alone
    and when you try,
    you try alone.
    If you keep this up,
    you'll die alone.

    You lock yourself in silence
    your screaming goes unheard.
    No one will save you,
    if no one can reach you
    Indifference is not perfection
    if your mistakes cannot teach you.
    Teach you to love and open your heart
    don't lock yourself within yourself.
    You are more than just your prison.