• You don't see me yet I'm here,
    Protecting you from what you don't think is there,
    I'll love you forever even my beat-less heart screams so,
    I love you so much I'll let you go,
    I know you will find love in someone else but I don't even try,
    I'll let you love her even though I cry,
    As long as you have happiness I'll stay true,
    Because I am undeniably in love with you,
    Though now dead and only able to see you,
    I long to touch, to kiss you,
    Today I miss you more than ever though I stay right by your side,
    I long for just one more night together with you,
    I hope you get over me soon and see the truth,
    for I know that my time protecting will be over when you are safe again,
    I know I will be missed by you and those that I held dear,
    But now I'm happy that you're still there,
    As long as we're separate now and yet so close,
    I know that you are not dead and I'm not alive,
    Now that you are safe and you've seen me once more,
    I must leave but I will still watch over you from afar,
    Don't cry and find comfort in the friends that helped,
    And please know that,
    I will be wishing to see you again forever.