• Do you know me?
    I know You.
    Don’t think I am strange
    I’m just a different type of girl
    I don’t fit in
    But I usually don’t want to.
    I know it sounds strange,
    But I like being weird.
    I like to live in a fairytale world,
    Where darkness seeps in.
    Its where I belong.
    I hope that you know that.
    And don’t judge me for it.
    So yes I may be strange but that’s me.
    Do you like to dance in your dreams?
    Are there people that try to get you but they don’t.
    Know Who you truly are.
    It seems that’s how my life goes
    Come here and listen closer.
    I like to swear and sing at the same time,
    Even though it is considered inappropriate,
    For I am supposed to be young and true.
    I may seem strange to you.
    But a lot of people would like me better if they knew who I was inside.
    So let me explain,
    I am unique and a lot of people don’t like that feature.
    Most of them want us as a group to be like them.
    Just clones.
    Nothing more than mere copies of them
    But people like me keep other people in line.
    We keep the rivalries between populars controlled,
    Lightly feeding the fire.
    Letting it slowly grow before it bursts.
    We keep the normals in line.
    Free those that don’t fit in,
    And let them destroy slowly what is known as beauty.
    We watch every day for the turn to strike.
    We keep things quiet,
    Try to keep gossip away from teachers, staff and parents.
    Hide our identities when we go undercover.
    Each day is a struggle to keep our true selves hidden
    We all have our motives.
    Some of us are the outcasts.
    Some are sick of the way the populars treat them and others they see.
    But the rare few were like them or strived to be like them,
    And now they search for a way out,
    A place they can join in and be free.
    Sometimes I like to imagine,
    Myself away from this world.
    I am very special,
    If only they could see
    This me.
    There are things I do,
    That people say are wrong.
    But I don’t care.
    I am me.
    Me is who I chose to be.