• Running through the dark night's laughter,
    I fall and scrape my knees.
    But how does this warming pain compare
    To what's hiding in the trees?

    With barely a sound he stands behind me
    And whispers in my ear,
    "You think you're safe, O one I chase,
    But I can smell your fear."

    Gently through the darkness
    I see his sharp teeth gleam.
    Maybe I'm delusional,
    But I fear it's not a dream.

    The wispy effluvium that is his claws
    Wraps around my wrist.
    In a last attempt to free myself,
    I push him back into the mist.

    I take off into the world of black
    Waiting at my fingertips,
    Longing for a place to hide
    Before my sanity he rips.