• I dont even know what to call it..when all you're feeling is pain.
    You can feel your loved ones looking down on you with shame.
    When you're tired of living this life and playing this pointless game.
    Because you know that your life is meaningless, and you're the only one to blame.

    What do you call it, when the hurt is in your soul?
    You smile, and you laugh..but you know it's all a show.
    You're in that point in time, where you feel like you've hit your all time low.
    When nothing can make you happy, and only the darkness around you grows.

    I wish I knew what it was called, when you feel so alone.
    How you could be in your own house, but it don't even feel like home..
    You look back on your life, and every choice you've made, now seems wrong.
    When the wait to stumble upon the gates of Heaven..just seems far too long.