• The Steel cold blade,
    Cuts through into my soul,
    Severing it two,
    Releasing the hatred sealed within.

    A Stolen Kiss grows into a rotten love,
    A Forgotten Lover Dies and rots,
    Ruined lovers look onto the stars,
    Hoping for that Steel Cold Blade.

    Two sisters look at each other unknowing of who they are anymore,
    Brothers do not speak for the mask is there,
    A single girl wear a two colored mask stands,
    Alone holding the Steel Cold Blade.

    All are single memories,
    I stand alone wear a two colored Mask,
    Alone with that Steel Cold Blade,
    As The Last One Standing.

    My Last Enemy Stand there in front of me,
    Griping her single handgun,
    Shining diamonds clinging to her cheeks,
    Her screams do not reach me anymore.

    Smiling beneath this mask I wear,
    I cut her down,
    Before she can cut me down,
    Memories of out friendship ring.

    Quiet meadows,
    Blue skys,
    A sinlge little house stands,
    Inside lived two friends.

    Shaken by the memorie I feel the Cold Bullet go through,
    Stumbling I hear her cries,
    Falling I feel her tears,
    Dieing I feel her pain.

    Spiraling into the darkness of the night,
    I slip into a peaceful death,
    Listening to the cries,
    Of my dear friend.

    Trying so dearly,
    To save my life,
    She was in the end,
    The one to end it.