• To See You Happy

    On days the sky is dull and gray,
    I often think about you even though I know I shouldn’t.
    I keep my thoughts to myself and smile confidently.
    As long as you go on living happily, then I believe I can too.
    We can never be more than what we are in this one moment.
    I can’t show you how I truly feel;
    I fear it will shatter this fragile connection we have.

    Warm breezes on sunny days remind me of your happy, smiling face;
    It has become a bittersweet memory that I cherish.
    Every time we meet, it pains me.
    Every time we converse, I die a little.
    Still, I’ll keep on smiling; I’ll be your energy, your confidence.

    When you’re feeling down and unwell, I’ll be there to help you.
    I’ll smile and cheer you on; be your support.
    I’m hurting a hundred times inside but I’ll never hint anything.
    I’ll sacrifice myself, as long as I can stay by your side a little longer.

    I’ll carry on smiling so you wouldn’t have to worry about me.
    Never will I be the cause of your pains.
    Every tear that falls from you is a stab at my heart.
    But I’ll never let you see my weakness; I’ll hide it deep within myself.
    I understand that what I want can never be,
    And so, I’ll just keep on smiling,