• My heart cannot stop pounding
    The waves of the ocean glow
    By setting the White Witch ablaze
    The Red Queen was born
    As if she had known all along
    She murdered the Princess, slayed Prince Charming
    For she alone was the source of Evil
    Long live the Bloody Red Queen

    Oh, Brave Knight, so very gallant and courageous
    The Dark Dragon awakened
    And with a stroke of fire
    The Brave Knight burnt to the ground
    The Dark Dragon of the West aided the Red Queen
    She was all too powerful
    Suddenly as all Hell broke loose
    The mist slithered in from the coast

    Surfacing out of the dark blue ocean
    A Woman of arose
    She with leaf green hair, resembled the Princess
    Riding upon the Pure Dragon
    A wave of her hand brought down the Dark Dragon
    As well as the Bloody Red Queen
    Now on this day by the gleaming ocean
    The Woman reigns for all that is Pure and Light