• My soul, an invisible string, calls me to you pulling me towards your love
    My lips waiting, Baby I`ll be waiting, for the right one to kiss them with passion
    My heart loves to hear the strong and steady rhythm of yours, my lifeline, it beats for you
    If I can`t hear your heart beating, you`re too far away…

    My body longs to feel your warmth, your skin pressed up against mine
    Nothing but the soft sound when you breathe in, while I breathe out
    My hands want to feel the comfort of yours, knowing that you`ll never let me go
    Entwined with you forever and always

    But my mind is the only thing that can see some sense
    You know I can`t have them both, though how much I wish I did!
    My head says, “It`s crazy. Get a grip girl!”
    I should listen to it, but I never was good at taking advice

    Wishing, wanting, mine for the taking
    Waiting for me to sweep in and make my choice of them
    Honestly I don`t know what to do, I know what I should do
    But it`s not what I want

    For I am talking about two people, whom I both care about deeply
    I don`t know what to do, who to choose and who to push away
    Any of the options, leads to such dismay
    Can I really stand breaking any one of their hearts?

    I wish they knew what was really going on inside of me
    But no, I cannot ever let them see
    For they are the two guys who seem like they are both meant for me
    I love you so much…and I know that you love me too