• What is this?
    this feeling i've buried deep
    so deep i can barely reach
    but who am i to try to reach
    for somthing unbeleivable?
    Just so impossible?

    Why is this?
    i dont know why its here
    maybe to taunt, and flaunt
    all its done to destroy me
    and all i've worked for
    i just want to give up
    this is to hard to live up to
    when nobody cares

    Who is this?
    this person who has no greed
    no need to hurt or fear
    who acts like i'm here
    like i actually exist
    like i mean somthing to this world
    like anything can done
    i dont even want to run
    which is far from understanding

    what is this?
    its slowly changing me
    but you arnt doubting me
    i thought i was put down
    unable to stand up
    every feeling just isnt stable
    they are all around me
    like they love me and want me
    but i see all the liars
    building up their fires
    to the highest point

    you have inspired me
    my only one to believe in me
    its so freeing
    just justifying
    like everything is going to be okay
    just by you
    through and through..