• Your face was sweet
    Hands were firm
    Arms that hold
    Friend tonight, nothing more
    Irony comes, but not for the last
    Written beside the unfinished tale
    Of the love that comes packaged
    with a sorrow and pain attachment
    This heart will mend, once again
    Stitches you can break away,
    A later day
    Words a mess
    That never make sense,
    Meant to stay hidden
    Kept for a reason
    I hope this is the final time
    I cry and die inside
    These high school days are locked away
    With memories that should mean nothing
    Arms that shouldn’t be to hold
    Those hands were never bold
    Face that does not shine
    Heart not meant to be mine
    These are the things I realize tonight
    But will not understand
    When I fall in love again