• My eyes are shut,
    warm and snug inside my hut.
    Suddenly I hear the clash of chimes,
    I awake oblivious to the season of time.
    Throw the blankets off,
    here and there a little cough.

    Looking out my window there I see,
    powder flakes falling on a crystal sea.
    Air frozen to ice,
    trees covered in a heavenly spice.
    Hanging spears of frost,
    sugar balls being tossed.

    My beautiful daughter,
    dancing on frozen water.
    My sons,
    rolling huge white buns.
    My love,
    standing near the sacred grove.

    She looks lovely in her white,
    our land enchanted by a sprite.
    Now here I come,
    with joy heading to my plum.
    Gently going,
    snow flowing.

    A howling breeze,
    twenty degrees.
    Out here its colder,
    I'm rubbing each shoulder.
    I'm never moving like a sprinter,
    instead I'm filled with joy in this time called winter.