• So maybe you think "Who's that girl; what's she have to say?"
    You listen, you read, but can you understand?
    Judging based upon a first glance or teardrop,
    People never know until they give hand.

    So maybe you think you know everything in the world.
    Well, do you know what that girl says behind your back?
    She knows what you said, now will you think twice?
    Clearly it's initial common sense that you lack.

    So maybe you think this will go away soon.
    However, that girl has seen all kinds of strife.
    Show some compassion, understanding, and love.
    But can you? No, you're absorbed in your life.

    So maybe you think "Hey, she's quiet, she won't do anything."
    She may have something planned...on that you can bet.
    Not so much revenge, but a guilt trip is in order.
    But, remember my friend, the wise forgive but they don't forget.