• He is my world,
    my shedding greif and sorrow,
    the only reason i live,
    is to see him tomorrow;

    I question who i am,
    he makes me want to cry,
    my life is like a shadow,
    just a rumour and a lie;

    I sit at night and think of you,
    your my only step ahead,
    the only person on the planet,
    who doesn't want me dead;

    People try and tell me lies,
    say I'm wrong and their right,
    but without your kiss on my lips,
    I cant even sleep at night;

    My passions are crushed,
    my hopes are shot,
    my tears are drying,
    the dreams i sought;

    The fear of one day leaving,
    to where a tombstone lays,
    in the midst of it all,
    i can count through the days;

    Will we last forever?
    or just one more day?
    is it all a false ambition?
    i ponder as i lay;

    I decide it is up to you,
    my future is just,
    so tell me this is love,
    or is it just lust?