• These woods so thick with darkness abound,
    shadows in shadows, silence in sound,
    I race for my life in quick bursts,
    he beast keeps approaching, prepare for the worst.
    Foolish I am to look back and glance,
    a glimpse of the hunter in ravenous dance.

    Eyes full of bloodlust and despair did I find,
    eyes that oddly, weren't one of a kind.
    For no beast as gruesome nor horrendous could I see;
    it was the darkened heart deep within me.
    Beating much faster, my steps were for naught,
    for hatred's hidden snares guaranteed I was caught
    In the forms of memories I wished to forget,
    detours which led me to an ironed spiked pit.
    Realizing I cannot win this way,
    there is but one more price I must pay.
    Digging my feet into precarious ground,
    deep within, my beast roars with howls that resound.

    Roles now reverse, and the beast is me?
    Or so it seems it turned out to be.
    Whose blood was shed was but my own,
    trapping myself in false futures alone.
    The beast reached out to find safe harbor,
    with such fervor, I'd thought he'd harm her.
    Untrained in his cage for years he remained,
    reclusive in youth, social life is now maintained.
    Not one of his peers to give compassionate affection;
    maybe ten hugs a year to my recollection.

    "Drop your weapons!!! " I cry out upon death ears.

    "Rip him to shreds 'till no trace appears;
    He must not get close lest we fall prey,"
    the warning screamed, I respond with nay.
    Shot before uttering a single request;
    crimson tears I weep from within my chest

    "Why… " I ask. "Your acts leave me cold.
    not flesh to rip but a heart to hold,
    That's all it wanted , maybe a bit too much,
    to call for him bleeding in the dust.
    You are the monsters! Setting the standards for normal and obscene
    judging by appearance…is just plain mean!"

    This dawn I learned what was needed
    to change the world where the pompous are seated.
    A heart with compassion and insight to ensure
    that hearts of evil no longer taint those so pure.
    I'll howl at the moon with eyes ablaze,
    just before I sink them in the river one of the days.