• Since I was little, I was laughed at and teased
    Just because I held my heart on my sleeves
    Any single tears that fell from my eyes
    They would shout, "Look! She's about to cry!"

    Tell me, Is it it okay to cry?
    Or should I lock it up deep inside?
    I can hide my tears if it bothers you so
    But tell me before the tears start to flow

    When I was young, adults even lectured me
    "Stop your whining. Do you want to be crybaby?"
    My answers were always a no, so i tried whiping them away
    No matter what, I still cried despite what people say

    So tell me, is it okay to cry?
    Or do I need my tears to hide?
    I can stop if that's what you wish for
    But let me know before I lock the door

    Once I turned a teen, I kept my tears within
    I knew if I let them out, for some it be a sin
    They would jump all over me, laughing calling me weak
    In order to stop my cries, strength I began to seek

    Can you tell me, is it okay to cry?
    Or should I block them out and lie?
    I can say "I'm fine" giving a fake smile
    But do tell me before my heart freezes a mile

    Now that I'm older, I still wonder if i'm truly strong
    My friends have told me I shouldn't hold it in for real long
    And even though a part of me wants to go on and weep
    I still refuse for others to see, so I let the tears fall in my sleep

    Please tell me, is it okay to cry?
    Or should I let that part of me die?
    I can't keep worrying what to choose
    But I beg of you, tell me what you want me to do.