• ~Never Ending Love~

    I lay here thinking whatever it was I had done that was so wrong
    We use to be so happy together, but then one day you were gone
    Now I lay here thoughts through running through my head
    I get a letter in the mail and it said that you were dead
    My heart breaks inside my chest
    I was devastated
    Now you find me here hanging by a rope
    You look at my face and it is as if you had lost all hope
    You yell in suprize then grip your hands into fist so tight that your kunckles turn white
    You begin to shake as you fall to your knees
    You begin to weap as you weeze your breath coming out ragged
    You try to look away, but you can't no matter how much you may try
    Then years later you actually die
    People come and find your body laying there on the ground
    They see you gripping a picture of me in one hand
    And in the other they see a knife
    You and your blood-staind shirt struck horror into their hearts
    But, what they didn't realize is that you were smiling
    You were smiling because you saw my face
    Just as you took your last breath
    And know you know that we shall never part again
    And be together forever and ever in the sperit world