• Living in lies, always something to despise
    but your too afraid just to open your eyes
    so you pick a religion and you call it the truth
    so that you can ignore what the world has really come to
    Its government figures, and churches of sinners
    with their hands it the pockets of everyone living
    Conspericy theories as government covers,
    everyone turning their heads, and running for cover
    Everyone says 9/11 was a terrorist attack,
    but if you just look at the facts
    you'll see the plans were stacked
    why is this world so quick to believe
    every piece of information that is monarch received
    you have to make your own path, got to live your own way
    or in the end you will only pay
    for someone else's lie someone else's view
    when in the end what does your life really add up to
    The sweat of your brow, the strength of your back,
    the cash in your pocket, the cloths in your sack
    In the end im not going to tell you
    what way is best
    If i told you what to do
    then i would be just like the rest