• I have finally found him, my Happiness
    He is funny and sweet filled to the rim, My Happiness
    But does he really, truly know how i feel?
    i love him more than anything, My Happiness
    He is better than the rest

    I hate my name, he loves it
    i hate everytime he gets hit,
    i try to feel the pain he does
    my cuts run deep, but me he still loves
    He is too good to be true, My Happiness

    Words cannot explain this love,
    As secretive and quiet as the lovely dove
    No one knows, but everyone envys
    they envy me because of my Happiness
    Only he can find the smile on my face, and only he....
    can take my breath away....

    To he, i say this:
    My love for you is strong, and till death will we seperate,
    We will rejoin in the afterlife, my heart may explode at this rate....