• Footsteps daintily searched, wandering, touching, fleeting, for a safe escape.

    She searched, shaking her head to and fro for an escape.

    Through the world of mirrors, the porcelain glass mimicking her every move.

    Where, oh where could this be?

    Fragile glass breaks open the canvas of ephemeral truths.

    Slowly does the light shine away and reveal the darkness inside.

    Mirrors fade away and return empty unpainted canvas'

    Pry me away from the world of ephemeral darkness.

    Tell me it will leave.

    Show me your smile, for the sun never shall rise without it.

    Twisting, awkward portals surrender their escape.

    Hastily made slaps echo throughout the world.

    Dive into the abyss.

    Save yourself that bliss.

    And down, spiraling we go...

    Into the ephemeral world of haunting mirrors...


    And blank....