• Forget that you're lying
    And stop all your crying.
    You know you won't change
    So bottle up your rage.
    You hate, you hate,
    You only berate.
    You steal, you steal,
    You never reveal.
    You steal their time,
    You embrace your lie.
    A single life
    Just won't suffice.
    Not for you,
    You know it's true.
    No, you won't stop,
    You'll go till you drop.
    A kitty cat lost in a sea of lies,
    A promise not broken, not yet; in due time.
    Maybe you'll see
    What you've come to be.
    And maybe you'll cry
    All into the night.
    But you know you won't change,
    So bottle up your rage.
    Forget that you're lying.
    Stop all your crying.
    Lost in your lies,
    Seen with blind eyes.
    Fate is crushing,
    Blood is rushing.
    Open to all, you wait to be shot,
    I hope it hurts when you lose what you sought.
    Just tell the truth, come clean and be known,
    And finally reap the field you've sown.
    So good at your act,
    A master of tact.
    Your voice, so sweet,
    Your lies so deep.
    Forever it takes to delve to the bottom,
    Forever it takes to again become solemn.
    So just forget that you're lying,
    And stop all your crying;
    Because you know you'll never change,
    And all you can do is bottle your rage.