• At first glance you don't see the pain, dripping through my veins
    My bleeding heart, beating slowly until it rains
    A devastating, torrential downpour, upon these desert plains
    Searching, I thought I found more, until I think again
    The Saints abhore my concience, yes, I must confess
    At times, I myself succumbed to stress
    Diluting and polluting my body until I'm rowdy
    And suicidal, hazmats couldn't clean this mess
    Place ya bets, nothing happens randomly
    I didn't mean to turn my back upon my friends and family
    Ignoring what they're handing me, branding me
    Withdrawls and insanity, and through it all, who's still standing? Me.
    Never judge a book before you begin
    Even if at a first look it's not inviting you in
    The walls are paper thin, so when you get to the end
    Read the story of my heart, through my open-cut skin