• Do I ignore the way they look at me?

    Those pale blue eyes won't let me be.
    Every day I walk past the frame with the glossy mirror and catch a glimpse of those sad blue eyes.

    Why do I let myself think of how we have come to be?

    I do not look at our beautiful world for the good things.

    I hide and bottle up my emotions. Why can't I just be real? Not fake.

    Or maybe I'm me.Is this how I really act?
    Why do those sad eyes look at me?
    Can't they ever just let me be?

    I never really thought about how I am, until those sad eyes in that mirror.
    I can never change those sad eyes no matter if I pass the glossy mirror with a friend,nice hair,or good clothes.

    Yet everyday I take another step just waiting to see happy eyes in that mirror.
    I never stop to wonder,why do I worry about those sad blue eyes?