• I see,
    i hear,
    i feel,
    i felt,
    seeing you with her,
    my heart pounded,
    my breath stopped,
    the air suddenly froze,
    as if in a winter storm,
    i knew,
    i regretted,
    i cried,
    i died,
    your love for her was ever increasing,
    i remember telling you to go away,
    sitting in my room; tears in my eyes,
    my heart stopped all emotions,
    yet my love for you is still there,
    and always will be,
    i wonder,
    could it be true love,
    or could it be i'm not over it?
    either one,
    i want to forget,
    i want to believe,
    i want to ignore,
    i want to hate,
    my love toward you,
    i can't,
    because i love you.