• I watch the sun go down,
    The wave currents smashing,
    The people rushing bye and the homeless sleeping.
    but where in life will i find the happiness to go
    and live life and its wonders.

    The way life was meant to be without war,
    without misery,without struggles and without heartbreak.
    why does the sun go down and the wave currents smash?
    Is it because of how the world rotates .why does life
    become a big joke to some people,is cutting yourself
    the right answer or the solution to your empty solom problems.

    Stuggle all you want but life and its wonders
    are a mystery.They are just the common things
    in life you hope to get or forget.They are the wonders
    you have in your dreams that you dont want but sometimes do.
    so the question still remains why do the wave currents smash and
    the sun go down,that question will always remain without a answer until
    you seek the true meaning of life itself.