• Everybody thinks I'm strong
    Because I don't cry
    Because I don't show my reactions
    When I feel like crawling up and dieing I hide it inside
    Everybody thinks I'm strong
    But I wait and pray when I'm alone
    I cry and mourn the death of a loved one
    I cry when I learn a loved one might be dead
    I runaway and hide for hours and I cry and cry and pray
    But no one knows
    no one knows the way I feel deep inside I want to cry all the time
    I try to be happy but there is always something hurting me
    No one will understand me
    I hurt and hurt and hurt
    cry and cry and cry
    It's hard to hide it
    it takes more strength than I have, to hide my sadness
    But I won't show the little girl that everyone thinks I am
    Since I'm the oldest I can't show my weakness
    I have to be there for the little ones
    I have to protect them with all my strength
    But it's hard to protect them when I don't live with them
    All these feeling I have I keep bottled inside
    occasionally I'll explode
    but of anger not of sadness
    I keep that bottled up to where my stomach hurts everyday
    because of all my sadness and anger but never happiness
    cause there is always something bad that tops it
    But as fragile as I may be inside anybody messes with the little one
    I will hurt them
    I've beaten up a lot of boys before for messing with my sisters and brothers