• When your life changes and there’s nothing you can do about it,

    have the courage to build a new one. - Amal Skoukd

    Good bye to OLD, welcome to New.

    Living with this earth are full of happiness and sadness,

    and sometimes in trouble and its a big pain in the a**.

    But letting your self think positive and let God put you in your self.

    You can survive and make your life easier, and become a better one.

    Sometimes, not all things happen in this world is in your hand.

    Just go with the flow and always smile.

    Depression is no space to live in this world.

    Start a new one and make yourself to be a better one.

    All strangle is coming but don’t let them make you down.

    So, just step a side and pray to God.

    and maybe someday when you start again, its better now.

    - yokorobi12 -