• Walking aimlessly beneath the dark blanket of sky
    We were holding hands not wondering why
    The breath from our lungs was warm and seemed to linger
    In the space before our eyes while we tightened fingers.

    That's how you and I were at best,
    Lovers groping for one another's caress.
    But at worst we were like long-time enemies
    An impassioned whirlwind of fury like from some movie's scene.

    Even though we brought out the worst in one another,
    We were still two teenage lovers watching our warm breath hover
    In the sky before our jaded eyes filling our heads with lies
    Like we'd be together forever just like in the novels we strive
    To be like. And all I can say now is that maybe our parents were right
    to tell us that in this world our love doesn't always win the fight.