• There they go walking away again,
    Heads held high in this beaten state.
    Most would see they are the greatest amongst us,
    But as for me i see they are false.

    This group of theres...no this clan,
    Seemingly claiming this earth.
    But where there is a ruler there lies a revolt,
    We correct few lie in wait, ready to reincarnate there wrong souls.

    It seems impossible with their killing,
    Their laws, their blindness to the world.
    And 'humanity' soon collapses under its corruption,
    Bringing with them what possible sanity they had.

    I stand here now looking Down upon humanity,
    Except my close brethren of true friends who have never hurt me.
    We watch as the 'humans' lay waste to their world,
    And one day we will rid them and start anew.

    Now and again i rise to keep this insignificant species of theirs at bay,
    Unknowing of why i let them stay.
    My brethren question me in this process,
    But just like me they think they deserve to try.

    And now you 'humans' who spy on our intentions,
    Well you try to overthrow us and turn us against each other.
    Some succeed and most regret to understand,
    That we, the fortunate few cannot be done away with.

    So now those who don't belive in their ways,
    Join us to cleanse this new era of insanity.
    And watch as the true 'humans' lose yet another battle,
    And maybe one day, you will all unnderstand...'humans' are inferier.