• Lyrics
    Pich black then the valle uncovers.The dream like real.Then a dance that can't be removed.
    Then we see the floor qwake with harmony.Fire and flames glow.I don't wake.People in mind.Then a door opening for my conquest.
    If I were to open a door then...Would I be in Power or would I be in Death.The dreams for which aI seek aren't there Or.....Sad,Happy...OR HAVE GONE MAD!!!!...
    I walk through a door in front of me.Take a chance which there is,and was.If I took that chance it will be....The deadly road OR is it a lively one.I have gone mad with aggony.Have you seen this boy yes I have seen that boy.That boy in the chair is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Flashing before my eyes that dance that saw is fadeing fast.I run in this flame.Before it was water.Whats happen to me.Im insane.I hate my life good things never happen I don't want dreams to end.My dream isa melting.Now I myself want disapare forever.Wait I see a light is that still my dream..i am in the light I see.No its just me waking.I hate this life may it die!!

    (Please Once again don't comment on my spelling or grammer I am disabled.!)