• The dark forest
    No one dared to venture.
    Except her;
    She was different.
    They begged her not to.
    They cried, and pleaded for her to stay.
    They cared too much to see her go.
    But she was the one who went.
    She stepped slowly,
    Small, frightened steps,
    Aproaching the forest of evil, of hatred.
    Then she dissapeared into the fog of darkness.
    She was gone for sometime.
    It didn't take long for them to get accustomed to her absense.
    For when she returned,
    They no longer cared.
    They no longer noticed her presence.
    They refused to even look at her.
    She yelled at them.
    Screamed into their ears.
    But still they did not notice her.
    She walked the streets from that night on,
    With tears,
    Slowly rolling down her cheeks.
    All she could do was wonder.