• We thought we were losers
    When we became friends.
    Dorks, dweebs, nerds,
    Did not "socially blend."

    We laughed at nothing,
    And knew each other's thoughts.
    I was always seen with you,
    More often than not.

    We had our own language.
    Played videogames all the time.
    We texted all night.
    I knew your secrets, you knew mine.

    When you were in trouble,
    I couldn't sleep.
    And if I couldn't go to bed,
    You'd help me count sheep.

    But I have trust issues
    Even with my best friends,
    So early last August
    Our friendship did end.

    You have some problems,
    But I have mine, too.
    That's why this poem, Jordan,
    Is for you.

    We thought we were losers.
    How wrong would we be.
    Now that I lost you,
    The only loser is me.