• Alas, she was there in the beach.
    Did my eyes deceive me?
    The beauty in her eyes that I saw
    One perfect day, one for me to see.
    The one in school, I couldn't agree more
    Have I seen her before?
    Of course, she will be mine.
    All golden, beautiful, and fine!

    Suddenly, wide awake.
    It was only what my brain made
    Still too early to wake up
    I have plenty to sleep even for someone in the 11th grade
    Alas, the new scenario
    A friend with a Frisbee
    He tossed it the second I woke up in alternate reality
    And I caught sight of it right at me.

    I could never ask more
    It all went away
    I woke up again
    And everything I saw was briefly gray
    Gloomy as I was
    While the clock was six
    To think of all those times
    I wish it were real, that would make my life a great mix.

    Whatever it is, will you raise me once again?
    I wish to one day seek a true, better life in the way
    But I know I have many more to come
    With the image in the previous night, I must make life the greatest of today
    One day, there will be a shiny figure
    Descending from above to be ready for me
    Have pity over my past
    As the imagery will one day help me ascend to a better life, one great to see.