• I had a deam
    That made me realize my true feelings for you.
    You were moving away, and I said I would miss you.
    You said you would miss me too.
    You walked away, and I made a last minute deision to say
    I love you!
    I'm pretty sure you didn't hear.
    I woke up with regret.
    Now I'll never be able to tell you
    How I really feel about you.
    I wish I said
    I love you
    When I last saw you.
    I can't believe it took a dream
    To make me realize that
    You're the guy for me.
    It took too long for someone to make me feel-
    This way!
    How I wish I could call and say
    Boy, you're the only one for me.
    Please say you feel the same way,
    Because, I love you-
    And I'm sure that won't change.