• I know that I'm not crazy,
    though I see such crazy things.
    Monsters standing ten feet tall,
    and tiny girls with wings.
    You don't think I'm crazy,
    I can see it in your eyes.
    I told you all my crazy stories,
    but you didn't seem to mind.
    Maybe you're really crazy,
    listening to my fearie tales.
    I know they're all real,
    though my memory oft fails.
    You don't look exactly human,
    with your shining yellow hair.
    Its longer than mine ever was,
    and it floats on scarce air.
    Those eyes tell your story,
    if only I could read them right.
    Maybe your the theif,
    who stole my fearie sight.
    I knew you were different,
    from the first time I saw you.
    Either you are one of them,
    Or you can see them too.