• "I'll wait for you." she says to him,
    He waves at her beyond the grim.
    "I'll wait for you!" she shouts it high,
    Through the fog and werewolf sky,
    Pass the trees of death's embrace
    And through the cracks of the barren face.

    "I'll wait for you..." her whisper dies.
    Somewhere, something wicked cries
    And releases the bog and fills the swamp,
    Makes it bubble lump by lump.
    "I'll wait for him?... of course I must..."
    Eyes look on she does not trust.
    Behind that bush what lurks in wait?
    Perhaps her love can stop this fate.
    "I'm waiting for him!..." she warns her doubts.
    Her gentle, uninviting shout,
    Short-lived and suddenly alive again.
    A new beginning in her untimely end.

    "I'll wait for him... Ha!" she laughs at the thought,
    Convinced by the wisdom seven unaged years brought.
    He'll return to the site, in her memory, one day
    And stumble upon a note from first waiting May-

    "In the event that you've returned too late
    Please know that I died in wait..."