• Have you heard?

    About the angel..

    Who lost her voice..

    To her fear of the dark..

    Cast out of Heaven..

    She fell..

    To the ground below..

    There she lay..

    On the snow covered ground..

    The cold biting her..

    The snow soaking her..

    Every part of her freezing..

    Until True Death approached..

    But then..

    Out of the dark..

    Came a small light..

    She was picked up..

    Taken to a warm place..

    By a human..

    He helped her..

    He showed her love..

    The ultimate light..

    And she regained her voice..


    Love takes away all fear of the dark..

    Heaven welcomed her to come home..

    She refused..

    She banished her wings..

    Her eternal life..

    To be with him..

    For he..

    Was the one who showed her the light..