• At any given time,
    I can be a rocker.
    I can be a punk.
    I can be little miss sunshine.
    I can be Ms. Don't mess with me.
    I can be a back woods or a city girl.
    I can nerd it up with the guys, or gussy up with the girls.
    I can feel at home in the country, singin along with a deep voiced man.
    I can loosen up in the car, jamming to an electric guitar.
    I have the heart of a child, the body of a woman, and the guts of any man out there.
    I have the passion of a lover, the drive of a dreamer, and the creativity of an artist.
    I love with all my heart.
    I trust until proven untrustworthy.
    I have insecurities.
    I look into a mirror and see improvment.
    I feel a need for adventure.
    I need excitment.
    I love what I do.
    I put my all into everything.
    I have dreams taller than the sky.
    I aspire farther than I can probably reach.
    I think deeply.
    I need to express myself.
    But most of all.
    I love who I am.
    I am happy with who I am.
    No one can label me.
    No one can place me.
    No one can tell me I can't.
    No one can tell me I'm not perfect.
    Because I will tell them
    No, I'm not.
    But I never tried to be.
    And I never will.
    I am proud of who I am.
    How far I have come.
    And how far I will go.
    Just try to stop me.