• A man with a past, not shared with most
    He sat in that ship being stared at like a ghost.

    His mask revealed nothing,
    HIs face
    HIs pride

    How could you trust a man
    with so much to hide.

    They all dropped into battle, strangers to him
    He raised his weapon and was ready to sin.

    There were no sides, in the haze of death.
    You live or die, and try to be the last one left.

    The blood had settled and most the soldiers survived
    even the man with the mask, it seemed like he couldn't die

    The soldiers didn't understand,
    The blood of his own was the last thing he sought
    If he were given a choice
    He would rather rot.

    Yet he raised his gun, to take another soul

    an enemy to them, a brother to those

    but a chance

    a shot at redemption appeared before his eyes.
    He never wanted to kill these people, so now its time to die

    A girl appeared, one he knew,
    It was his time to protect,
    the other soldiers didn't know what to do

    But he was done with killing, and laid his gun down.
    He carried her quickly, to a nearby mound.

    The soldiers thought
    As they tried to surround

    But the man with a mask tossed a flash grenade
    Blinded them shortly, but his fate stayed the same

    He hid the girl nearby in that wrecked town

    Gave her the gun, told her to run once she heard that loud sound
    Like the one that she had heard when they had first started to invade her town

    she said, "Who are you, and what have you done? The people you brought are bad"

    He took off his mask,
    looked closely into her eyes and said,

    "I'm your long lost dad"

    He pushed her away, she knew it to be true

    The man ran up the hill,

    He had their attention now, that was all he ask

    he glanced at the girl, knowing she was ready for her task.

    He threw a grenade into the air
    as the soldiers started shooting unaware

    There where flashes of light,
    all around
    but with a catch.
    There was no sound,
    blood poured out once he hit the ground.
    Yet still everyone around could hear no sound,
    and there came his end. He died on that mound.

    People like him made this world go round.

    But nobody cared now they are stuck without sound.... And all death bound.

    That girl was alive, which marked that a rebel was born
    She ran with that gun, into the sun and would not rest until this corrupt army was torn