• Frail dreams
    Broken hearts
    Lifeless momentum

    The words you know you spoke
    abandon you,
    in your time of need.

    The pain you felt
    the life you knew,
    stumble away, leaving you too.

    The sounds you utter
    are those of a childless mother,
    struck with pain, they are.

    Your mouth as dry as bone
    your eyes they do deceive,
    for the pain you feel is now.

    To each touch he gives
    you react with bitter numbness,
    crying out inside.

    The eyes that watch are cold
    the smile that sees is broken,
    your sense of fear grows strong.

    Your muscles tense
    the sweat begins,
    you clench your teeth.

    And then. . .

    The sounds run back
    your voice returns,
    rapping on your lips--You scream.

    The tears begin
    the shame relives,
    the pain awakens.

    The laughter beats your heart
    Mindlessly, you struggle,
    beneath the body that pins you.

    The hate,
    it pulses; the pleasure,
    it pleases.

    Is this the end?
    Or just the beginning?