• I believe,
    That I am in love,
    Others say that it is not so,
    Yet to my belief,
    I love him,
    I look and see him,
    My heart beats faster,
    As he walks by,
    As I see him,
    I miss him when he is gone,
    I miss what we had,
    Being in his arms,
    The touch of his skin,
    I miss it so much,
    I cry inside,
    Right not as I write this,
    I wish to cry,
    I cry in pain,
    I wish to die,
    From all this pain,
    It kills me,
    It hurts so much,
    To die,
    Or not to die,
    I have tried it,
    To die,

    I imagine death peaceful,
    I do not see the point,
    To continue to live,
    To live without him,
    To miss his arms everyday,
    To miss his kiss everyday,
    To miss his touch,
    I felt so alone,
    This valentines day,
    No one to call love,
    No one to hold me,
    I hate this feeling,
    The feeling of bring single,
    Seeing all the couples,
    That truly stung,
    A pang in my heart,
    They who held hands,
    On that supposed,
    Lovely day,
    I want love,

    But love is not for me,
    I who am depressed,
    Who could truly love me,
    Who could truly want me,
    I who am not perfect,
    I who am used,

    I gave all my trust to him,
    But he used me,
    Now I do not trust,
    I have this wall of protection,
    Keeping all away from me,
    My heart so constricted,
    Pain does not come,
    To my heart,
    Pain leaks out,
    So much pain,
    When does it end,
    I tried to end it,
    End my pathetic life,
    No one cares,
    Some say that,
    I am stupid,
    So stupid you can’t kill yourself,

    No one cares,
    That I have this pain,
    I need love,
    Someone to love me,
    But that won’t happen,
    Why would it,
    Someone loving me,
    Who could truly love me,
    One such as I,
    For I am weak willed,
    I am in love with yet another,
    My love for him is great,
    Either way I am used,
    That is the way,
    Fate intended it,
    So I shall let it be,
    Letting life play,
    Aw well as my pain grow,
    Letting fate,