• I no longer care
    To watch them move
    As they always move away
    There shadows do well
    To follow their masters
    Even they wont dare to stay

    Lost in this fog of loneliness
    Where even peace eludes it
    For only the most violent words
    Linger where they intruded

    Am i really that scary monster
    They've made me out to be
    Because I do not act same
    And sit so silently

    Am i doomed to be ignored
    And forever overlooked
    As my highs don't spawn from drugs
    But from the pages of a book

    And is it that your voice I sence so deeply tangled
    In the ones that hide discreetly
    Your voice is harsh from every angle
    But you are smiling oh so sweetly

    If this is all life is
    Is there logic in pursuit
    Your're invited to my funeral
    Watch me perish in my youth

    Come marvel at my pain
    Watch me go insane
    Dine on my lifeless flesh
    Watch my blood mix with the rain

    And even then...

    May I lay dead in my casket
    Or some twisted monsters attic