• I watched television.
    the whole day;
    History channel

    Tonight, it was about the arctic,
    in season for the winter special.
    It was late, and I noticed myself
    slinking, sinking. and sleepy
    drooping onto my bed
    although sweltering in the hot climate of the desert.
    That's my Christmas eve.

    When I wake, i notice a peculiar feeling.
    It didn't feel like it was supposed to.
    My body contracts to the weird heat and I tense.
    For no reason, whatsoever.

    I look out of my room.
    It's not too much... Just a T.V, a bed, and a closet.
    Some might say i live under a rock, being a bachelor of 25 years.
    I drink and smoke and do whatever.
    I look out of the window.
    White fluff I learned as snow yesterday came fluttering, flying, fleeting.

    I find myself looking, watching the vast white sheet blankets of snow.
    I find myself running, dancing upon the clouds
    I find myself wet. For the first time, since spring. I am wet.
    I find myself eating. I try the 'snow'. it stuck to my tongue. the snow was rough.
    I find myself building. I make all the dreams I've missed all shaped from snow.
    I find myself laughing.
    I find myself joined with other kids. We sing.
    I find myself smiling with the child next to me.
    I find myself, for the first time since forever, simply happy. Around me is all new.

    Then, I find myself melancholy
    I find myself figuring.
    Perhaps, today is the only day
    tomorrow, the sun will melt the snow.
    The new will become old.
    The snow will die.
    I'll go back living in my apartment.
    Where no one cares about me.
    Then, I immediately look around
    all the dreams embedded in the snow.
    Children disappear one by one.
    Innocence becomes ignorance once more.
    The snow turns into red dirt
    the cold becomes warm
    and the clouds dissipate to allow the king of light reenter his glorious kingdom.

    I find myself back in bed
    sweating once again from the climate.
    "a dream!" I reply...
    I look out of my window once more.
    No snow.

    A bit disappointed, but I think once more.
    Today is Christmas.
    Today, I can be reborn
    After all, it is the birth of an important man

    I dress up into my good clothes.
    I throw away the bottles and cans
    and other litter
    and ignorance
    and laziness
    and lunacy
    and boredom
    and sins
    and a weak past

    and I search for a greater future