• If i could fly, I wish to travel around the world and save those people are important for me
    If i could dream, I wish to appear in a place never seen where my ancestors are waiting for me
    If i could have powers, I wish to share it with everyone, even if does make it problem for the future of everyone
    If i could live forever, I wish share my stories for those are special for me
    If i could be faster than the wind, I wish I run all over the world without any destination
    If i could be good, I wish to change the hearts of the people making them more bright and pure
    If i could be inmortal, I wish to travel through the space, meet new species and have a new life
    If i could be a hero, I wish be it forever
    If i could live again, I wish to be born as an alien with a desire to come to planet earth
    If i could be felicitous, I wish to share my happiness with those who are around me
    If i could be an animal, I wish be one with the nature, protect it as my home and family
    If i could be the choosen one, I wish to be the treasure of the universe
    If i could continue this thought, I wish everyone could read it