• Time flies by like a bullet.
    No, not an arrow,
    but like a bullet just fired from a gun.
    And only God knows where it'll end up to.

    I had a lot of time in my hands
    that I used to rid of everything that bothered me.
    Did I spend it wisely?
    Or did I waste it over nothing?

    I had a lot of time in my hands
    And I tried to heal something big for me.
    But is it big for those who are important in my life?
    Or did I waste it again?

    I had a lot of time in my hands.
    Right now, I fear that I got little left.
    And I remembered what I did with it.
    Now, I ask myself, "Did I use it to the fullest?"

    I rested, I played, I stayed home and rarely go out
    But was I ever home or in another part of the world
    As I read many stories that would distract me
    from the pain of reality.

    I always sit in front of my computer
    my only companion, distraction, and destruction.
    I always think what will happen next
    But I rarely focus on the present.

    Did I spend my time wisely?
    Yes, I have been with my family -- physically
    But was I there for them when they need me?
    Yes, I stayed but was I even here?

    Now, I have little time.
    And with fear, I face my future.
    Back to the hated reality that I must overcome.
    The tomorrow of constant unsureness.

    My time is nearing it's end.
    The illusion I made for myself to cocoon me
    slowly fades away, to bring me out again
    into a world full of unsureness.

    The time for hiding is nearing it conclusion
    Did I grew my wings?
    And once out...will I know how to fly?
    To go back to the world filled with uncertainty

    Did I use my time well?
    Or did I forgot another important thing again?
    What is the important mundane thing, you ask?
    *laughs* It is your grasp on your present -- which is your gift...your current time.