• Sitting on the sand, but standing on the edge

    Running my fingers through the sand, deciding my pledge

    So much emotion inside, yet I feel so numb

    Not wanting to continue, don’t want another day to come

    Another day of pain, of anger, of loneliness and sorrow

    Another day of pretending I’m ok, yet feeling so hollow

    The wild water crashing so violently, pounding the shore

    Beckons to me peacefully, an answer to no more

    Hypnotised by its beauty a watery end it could be

    I think I could be happy, I think I could be free

    Their harsh words and actions run around and around in my head

    I feel anger, remorse for what was and was not said

    Already so alone, so invisible would they care? Would it matter?

    Is there really a life left to save? Or a purpose it would shatter?

    It calls to me, a final solution to my overwhelming sadness

    Drowning out the noise and washing away the madness

    I hunt for a reason, for something, someone to give me a sign

    Not sure what I’m looking for I decide to give it some time

    I crawl back behind my disguise but I keep one foot on the ledge

    Sitting on the sand, but standing on the edge