• Your words
    spoken softly
    touched my heart so tenderly.

    The humanity
    you infused
    entered my soul so gingerly.

    Where have you been?
    My entire life I was waiting
    Torn down, through scorn,
    you're the one who built me up.

    The chance
    I offered
    You jumped at without pause.

    My tears
    now gone,
    finally forgiven for all my flaws.

    Where have you been?
    The entire time when I was lonely,
    it never matters in the end.
    You're the one who built me up.

    You picked up my pieces,
    a puzzle that you solved from scratch.
    Unlike those who stare and pass
    you saved me from being scrapped.

    Not a puppet on a string
    or a lonely toy rotting on a shelf.
    You made me into everything
    when I could have been nothing else.

    So where have you been?
    And now that you're here
    I can let my emotions flow.
    You're the one who built me up
    and I'll be damned if I let go.